Gigabyte is working on a B650E Aorus Tachyon overclocker board for Ryzen 7000 processors.


The company already offers a Tachyon board, but it is based on the flagship Intel Z790 chipset and is intended for 13th generation Intel Core processors (Raptor Lake). It is worth noting that the Ryzen 7000 processors will be outfitted with the mid-range AMD B650E chipset rather than the flagship X670E system logic, which is built on two AMD B650 chips. This means that the board has fewer PCIe lanes.

Image Source: Twitter / SkatterBencher

However, the reduced number of available PCIe lanes is irrelevant here because the Tachyon series mainboards are designed solely for extreme overclocking of PC components. The new model will undoubtedly have a significantly improved VRM power subsystem, a more efficient memory channel layout for improved signal transmission between the processor and RAM modules, and overclocking control buttons.

Image Source: Twitter / SkatterBencher

The B650E Aorus Tachyon, like most other overclocking motherboards, will only have two DDR5 slots. Overclockers typically use only one RAM module, allowing for higher overclocking frequencies and eliminating the need for four UDIMM slots.

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