Intel ARC Battlemage GPU Set for 2023 Release, 225W TDP, and More


Intel’s GPU division is very much alive and well, and RedGamingTech has learned that the much-anticipated Battlemage GPU will be available in 2023. You may recall our exclusive from a while back that confirmed Intel Arc GPUs are not being cancelled and that the Battlemage GPU will be a beefy, desktop-focused affair.

Intel Battlemage GPU is aiming for RTX 4070 performance levels and a 2023 release date.

When I wrote my exclusive, my source told me that the Battlemage GPU would be available in late 2023 or early 2024, barring any unexpected events. If RGT’s information is correct, it appears that Intel is making good progress on the GPU development and is actually targeting a 2023 launch – which would also give them plenty of time to iron out a large portion of the bugs in their driver stack.

Slide courtesy of RedGamingTech

Based on the current state of the Arc driver stack, Intel’s Battlemage will be a 225W beast aimed at the RTX 4070 performance level. If Intel can significantly improve the driver stack, this performance level may rise as well. This certainly fits with Raja Koduri’s statement that their core audience is one that only wants a single power connector – essentially the mainstream to enthusiast market. NVIDIA and AMD will continue to dominate the ultra-enthusiast market until at least 2023.

I had also heard that Intel was considering an Alchemist refresh based on market conditions (if they choose to delay Battlemage until 2024), and it appears that they have (tentatively) decided to proceed with Battlemage. Intel’s low-hanging fruit remains their driver and software stack. In terms of their target market, the hardware and silicon are already adequate, and improvements in the software stack will result in significant performance gains.


Source: wccftech

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