At CES 2023, ADATA will display a 14 GB/s PCIe Gen5 SSD and DDR5-8000 memory

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The company confirms that it will showcase its next-generation storage solutions at CES 2023.

For over a year, ADATA has been teasing its PCIe Gen5 SSDs. Following the presentation of Project Nighthawk and Project Blackbird at CES 2022, the company later revealed the final design of the XPG-branded SSDs. However, as of December, ADATA had not released any such product to the market.

According to a press release issued this morning, ADATA will exhibit PCIe Gen5 SSDs at CES 2023. The company confirms that this storage will have up to 8 TB of storage and read and write speeds of 14,000 MB/s (the write speed was previously stated to be 12,000 MB/s).

ADATA will also showcase impressive offerings in other categories, including the XPG PCIe Gen5 SSD, which features a patented heat dissipation design, up to 8TB of storage space, and read/write speeds of up to 14,000 MB/s. ADATA will also show off other award-winning memory and storage products, as well as gaming-focused products in the system, chassis, special themed pc build, and peripherals categories.


CES will also feature the new XPG CASTER DDR5 DRAM, which is equally impressive. This memory module can transfer data at up to 8,000 MT/s. This series is not only compatible with the most recent Intel and AMD motherboards, but it also supports Intel XMP 3.0 for simple overclocking. Your games and applications will run faster and smoother than ever before thanks to ADATA’s award-winning components.

ADATA will also join the ranks of high-end memory makers by releasing DDR5-8000 kits that are compatible with Intel XMP 3.0 overclocking profiles. At the event, new XPG Caster memory will be displayed alongside ADATA ACE and XPG Lancer DDR5 kits.

Source: ADATA PR

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