US retailer has listed the Intel Core i5-13400F 10-core CPU for $216


The Intel Core i5-13400 costs 25% more than its predecessor.

A major US retailer has confirmed pricing for Intel’s upcoming Core i5-13400 CPU.

ShopBLT is now carrying Intel’s 10-core Raptor Lake-S processor, the Core i5-13400. As expected, the CPU was available in two variants: with (i5-13400) or without integrated graphics (i5-13400F). The retailer does not confirm the core count, but the cache size of 20MB and the base clock speed of 2.5 GHz are mentioned.

According to this listing, the next-generation CPU series will be 24% to 27% more expensive than its predecessor. Although this appears to be a significant increase, the i5-13400 should be significantly faster than the Alder Lake version. This is primarily due to an increase in core count from 6 to 10, or, more specifically, the inclusion of four Efficient cores on the die itself.

Early leaks indicate that the i5-13400 could be 28% faster than the 12400 in multi-core tests. Simultaneously, synthetic benchmarks for single-threaded workloads show only a 7% increase.

Following the announcement at CES 2023, Intel is expected to launch its 13th Gen Core series on January 3rd, 2023. What is important to note is that the Core i5-13400 SU is not the only processor being introduced; the company is also planning to release i9-13900, i7-13700, i5-13600, i5-13500, and i3-13100 SKUs, all of which will have a base power of 65W.


Source: ShopBLT via @momomo_us

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