Intel confirms Meteor Lake supports AV1 video encoding and decoding


Intel Meteor Lake processor with AV1 decoding

The Intel Media Driver video coding matrix confirms Meteor Lake support for AV1.

Intel Meteor Lake’s decentralised architecture will allow the company to provide greater flexibility in terms of graphics and video coding support. The Tiger Lake series’ integrated Xe-LPG graphics, a successor to the Xe-LP, will enable new gaming modes and improve encoding capabilities.

Intel has now confirmed that the MTL (Meteor Lake) series, like the DG2 (Arc Alchemist) series, will officially support AV1 8bit and 10-bit video encoding and decoding. This is a new royalty-free video format that is 50% more efficient than H.264.

Intel Meteor Lake Video Decoding/Encoding Matrix, Source: Intel


Support for low-power AV1 encoding was already mentioned in a leaked slide posted a few months ago by Igor’sLAB. The latest Media Driver update confirms it.

Intel Meteor Platform, Source: Igor’sLAB

Meteor Lake’s AV1 decoding and encoding support should hasten the adoption of this video format by popular streaming services. AMD RDNA3, NVIDIA Ada, and Intel Alchemist now support AV1 encoding. This support will be extended to AMD/NVIDIA mobile products in the near future.

According to OneRaichu, a product codenamed “MTS-S,” which stands for desktop series, may be cancelled. Given how much we already know about the product, this rumour is definitely surprising. However, this leaker has a good track record, particularly with regard to Intel-related content.

There was recently a leak of internal Intel slides revealing the Raptor Lake series refresh plans. This product would be available in the third quarter of next year, which is roughly when desktop Meteor Lake news would be expected. However, if these rumours are true, it should not significantly alter plans for the Meteor Lake mobile deployment.

Source: Intel Media Driver (Opens in a new window)

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