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For a Christmas giveaway, this is a very special and limited edition.

Palit confirms that the recently debuted RTX 4080 GamingPro will now be available in white colour scheme exclusively through a special giveaway.

It should be noted, however, that for the time being (at least), only one card is available for purchase. Palit has collaborated with Fractal, Silverstone, and Kingston to create a white-themed Christmas giveaway. The card appears to be identical to the original black model and should include the same clocks. However, it is unclear whether this model is factory-overclocked.

Given the amount of work and detail that went into this card, we can expect to see GamingPro White for sale at some point. Board partners frequently collaborate with modders to create extremely limited edition GPUs for special occasions, but this card appears to have just rolled off the assembly line.

Palit RTX 4080 GamingPro White, Source: Palit


The giveaway will end on January 3rd, and you can enter by clicking the link below. What should be noted is that there have already been 188K entries, so the chances of winning this card are relatively low; however, there are many ways to join and increase your chances of winning this card or any of the partners’ gifts.

Source: Palit (Opens in a new window)

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