Early announcement of the GeForce RTX 4070 Ti graphics card by ELSA


ELSA made the mistake of publishing the landing page for the yet-to-be-announced RTX 4070 Ti graphics card before the official embargo was lifted.

The page contains only one banner and very basic information about the new graphics card, and the link to the actual product is not yet active. This, however, confirms both the product name and the upcoming announcement, which is scheduled for tomorrow.

ELSA confirms their card is a dual-slot design, which is a welcome change given the plethora of custom 3.5-4-slot designs for NVIDIA RTX 40 GPUs. The RTX 4070 Ti ERAZOR OC was created in collaboration with Inno3D, but it does not resemble any of the company’s other RTX 40 cards.

As a reminder, the RTX 4070 Ti includes a full AD104 GPU, the Ada Lovelace family’s third graphic processor. This processor will have 7680 CUDA cores and 12GB of GDDR6X memory. Unlike its predecessor, the RTX 4070 Ti’s memory bus width will be reduced to 192 bits, affecting memory bandwidth.



However, preliminary performance figures show that the card will be 35% faster than its predecessor (3070Ti), almost matching the Ampere series’ flagship RTX 3090 Ti GPU.

NVIDIA is set to launch its new GPU on January 5th, but the company will unveil the new SKU at CES 2023 as early as tomorrow, with reviewers and influencers publishing their content the following day.

Source: ELSA

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