The HYTE Y40 Mid-Tower ATX PC Case Is Unveiled

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HYTE enhances its popular Y-series chassis with the new Y40 Mid-Tower.

HYTE includes a PCIE40 4.0 “luxury riser cable” to support new and fan-favorite GPUs, and comes in three colours for consumers to choose from: white, red, and black, with matching cases, similar to the Y60 variant.

Behind the primary graphics card, the Y40 supports six half-height expansion cards. Capture cards, PCI-E SSDs, sound cards, and other expansion cards that are compatible with the case’s half-height form factor will be supported by the new chassis.

Two pre-installed 120mm fans ensure adequate airflow throughout the HYTE Y60 chassis. One is beneath the power supply shroud, and the other is at the back of the case. The Y40’s side mounts can support a radiator up to 280mm in diameter with a consistent thickness of up to 120mm. There is also a ceiling-mounted 360mm radiator support, allowing for two radiators to be installed inside the case. For custom loop PC builds, large 60mm or higher radiators can be used.

When compared to an airflow layout for air-cooled graphics cards, HYTE notes that liquid-cooled graphics cards and processors that are cooled through an entire custom loop or hybrid cooler and processor AIO cooler will have less overall impact on thermals.



The cable management for the HYTE cases is superior to other competitor models in that the cables can be located behind the motherboard shelf and within the power supply shroud, keeping the case’s internals clean.

Unless the front glass needs to be removed, the HYTE Y40 case requires no tools. This is a feature shared by all HYTE cases. The HYTE Y40 outperforms the HYTE Y60 in terms of GPU thermal performance. The HYTE Y40 costs $150, while the Y60 costs $200 and has a volume of 50L.


Sources: HYTEHYTE on Youtube

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