Thermaltake gives a sneak peek at new CTE Form Factor PC cases at CES 2023.

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Thermaltake will debut its new CTE Form Factor Series at CES 2023. CTE is an abbreviation for Centralised Thermal Efficiency, and it focuses on providing high-level thermal performance for critical components.

At the moment, the CTE series includes six models: the CTE C750 Air, CTE C750 TG ARGB, CTE C700 Air, CTE C700 TG ARGB, CTE T500 Air, and CTE T500 TG ARGB. The CTE Form Factor Series distinguishes itself by rotating the motherboard 90 degrees, allowing for more efficient airflow pathways. Thermaltake’s new cases are ready for new generations of hardware by refocusing on effective cooling performance, as the power draw of CPUs and GPUs in recent generations has increased.

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Thermal extraction benefits from moving the critical heat sources closer to the intakes, as the CPU is moved closer to the front panel and the GPU is moved closer to the back. These new cases also include Thermaltake’s new CT series fans, which are available in black or white and with or without RGB lighting. These fans operate at up to 1500RPM and have fan blades that have been specifically tuned to increase the amount of air that can be pushed through.

These new cases also include rotational PCI-E slots, allowing you to easily mount your GPU horizontally or vertically. This is another important feature of the lineup. Unfortunately, pricing has not yet been announced, but we should learn more about it closer to the April 2023 launch.

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