Cooler Master has introduced new gaming, streaming, and PC products (long read)

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Cooler Master would almost certainly be nominated for the award for the company presenting the most products at CES 2023. The company will launch approximately 50 products in total, ranging from cases, peripherals, accessories, and PC components to full systems, chairs, and gaming stations.

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Cooler Master is introducing a range of new products at CES, including systems and accessories for gaming, portable storage, and cases.

The company is also showcasing immersive gaming products like the Orb X multi-purpose station and the Dyn X racing rig. Cooler Master’s PC system lineup is based on the themes of “Be Excellent,” “Be Different,” and “Be Creative.” Under the “Be Excellent” theme, there is the Cooling X, a fully liquid-cooled system with liquid-cooled side panels that act as heatsinks, and the AIOX NUC, a compact PC based on Intel’s NUC platform.

The “Be Different” theme includes the Shark X and Sneaker X systems, both winners of the Case Mod World Series, and the Mini X, a full system in a case with modular panels on all sides. The “Be Creative” theme is represented by the Cosmos Infinity 30th Anniversary limited edition, a remastered version of the C700M with only 1,000 units available.

In addition to its other offerings, Cooler Master has developed the Master Accessory Gem, a utility that allows users to hang their headset, gamepad, or smartphone for easy organization in their gaming setup.

The company is also introducing the Oracle Air, its first portable storage drive with data transfer speeds of up to 1000mbps. Cooler Master has also revealed the TD500 Mesh V2 case, which has similar design to the V1 but includes features such as thicker radiator compatibility, USB-C 3.2 Gen2 connectivity, and a modular PSU shroud cover.

The Master Accessory Gem will be sold for $29.99, the Oracle Air for $49.99, and the TD500 Mesh V2 case for $89.99. The immersive gaming product, the Orb X, is also being highlighted by Cooler Master. The Orb X is a multi-purpose station for gaming, work, and entertainment that offers a premium user experience with its automated shuttle dome, triple-monitor compatibility, built-in surround speakers, and ergonomic recliner.

Cooler Master has also introduced the Dyn X gaming station, a racing rig for casual gamers and enthusiasts with a rigid construction, broad compatibility, and easy adjustability. The Synk X is a cross-platform haptic chair that converts sound waves into vibrations for a real-time tactile experience. It has an ergonomic design, adjustable parts, and a built-in battery for high mobility.

The Synk X is still in development, but Cooler Master has released the Motion 1 haptic engine gaming chair, the first of its kind in the world. It was developed in collaboration with D-Box and has built-in D-Box Motion Code profiles for certain games, such as AC: Valhalla and Dirt Rally 2.0. It can also be customized to respond to specific movements and can provide haptic experiences while watching select movies. It is available for pre-order for $2,299.

For a more traditional option, the Hybrid 1 high-end gaming chair has a racing car seat design and MuscleFlex mesh material for support and elasticity. It also has fully adjustable ergonomics. The Hybrid M, which will be released in Q3 of this year for $699-$799, includes a massage motor, a 15000mAh battery, and app integration. The Hybrid 1 is available for $499.

Cooler Master has also released the Caliber X2 and Caliber R3 mid-range and entry-level chairs, respectively. Both chairs have new looks and improved comfort and ergonomics, including an upgraded headrest and lumbar support, soft memory foam, steel frame, and thicker seat base. The Caliber X2 is available for $399 and the Caliber R3 for $299.

In addition to chairs, Cooler Master has entered the desk market with the standard GD160 and an ARGB variant. Both standing desks were designed with durability and ergonomics in mind and have an integrated, water-resistant mousepad. The ARGB variant uses a dual motor system to adjust the height via a built-in controller.

The standard model will be available for $349 and the ARGB variant for $799 in Q2/Q3. The Cooler Master Strom controller, which is compatible with PC and Android and has a shape similar to that of the Xbox controller, is now available for $39.99. An optional Storm controller cradle to hold smartphones while gaming is also available for $14.99.

When it comes to PC peripherals, Cooler Master will do its best in this area. At our heart is Cooler Master’s first gasket mount keyboard, the MK770. This new hybrid wireless mechanical keyboard features Kailh Box V2 switches, hot-swappable switch functionality, PBT double-shot keycaps, and a 3-way precision wheel designed to deliver a clearer sound profile and flexible typing experience It has been. The keyboard comes in a variety of colors including the Cooler Master theme palette.

Cooler Master will also debut on the streaming market with his three new products. First, use Stream Lux full spectrum LED lights to provide good lighting for everyone in front of the camera. Then use the Stream Lucid USB-C mic with built-in filter to reduce pops and static to improve recording quality. Finally, there is the Stream Origins capture card that can capture up to
K 60fps with HDR enabled.

For those looking for a pink-themed set of peripherals, Cooler Master is releasing Sakura Editions of some of their most popular peripherals. These include the CK721 mechanical keyboard, MM712 mouse and MP511 XL mouse pad. Note, however, that these are limited edition (second run) releases. To celebrate its 30th anniversary, Cooler Master will also release his 30th anniversary edition of the company’s iconic color scheme peripherals. The collection consists of the special edition mouse pad MP511, mechanical keyboard MK721 and gaming mouse MM721.

As for new headsets, the brand is preparing to release the entry-level SH711 and MH731. The former features dual-chamber
0mm drivers, ANC, and wireless connectivity. The latter follows a more traditional approach, with 50mm drivers, a wired 3.5mm connection, and a detachable boom mic.

Cooler Master combines its power range to present a variety of new models and variations of existing power supplies. Starting with the new GX III series, these will be offered from 550W to 1250W. Featuring an APFC LLC half-bridge DC/DC converter, 80 Plus Gold certification, modular design, and a fan with S.T.C.M zero-rotation capability, the GX III power supply is becoming the new core product in Cooler Master’s lineup.

In addition to the SFX power supplies, the brand is preparing to launch his V750 and V850 SFX Gold power supplies, expanding the range to meet the power needs of today’s high-end components. Additionally, Cooler Master also releases his V1100 and V1300 SFX Platinum, pushing the small form factor to new heights of power delivery.

The V-series ATX power supplies also got a new model namely V750/850 Gold i and corresponding 12VO variant. All models feature an 80 Plus Gold rating, Half-Bridge LLC converters, 135mm fans, and intelligent temperature control modes. Furthermore, it features a semi-digital design that allows users to monitor their own status via software. As the name suggests, the 12VO variant is designed to meet the new ATX12VO standard. This means it will not convert 12V power to 5V or 3.3V inside the device (via a compatible motherboard).

As part of his 30th anniversary celebration of the Cooler Master, the company is launching a special his V1300 Platinum model. Other than the exterior, the same high-quality parts as the original model, including 100% domestically produced capacitors, are used. Then there’s also the dual-mode PD, a dual-mode power bank with a 15000mAH battery with a 65W fast charge mode and a 45W alternate mode.

Following the success of the Mobius 120, Cooler Master decided to launch his new OC variant with the same design as the standard model, but now with a cable switch that allows you to adjust the fan speed. Additionally, the new variant uses a double ball bearing design for improved performance, minimized friction, quieter operation and longer life. There’s also the new MasterFan Halo2 fan with double-loop LEDs, available in black and white in 120mm and 140mm sizes.

Starting with the air cooler, there is a stealth version of the MasterAir MA824 air cooler. The difference from the original is the blacked out design and two Mobius 120 fans without LEDs. The Hyper series is gaining some traction with the release of his Halo 2 variant of Hyper 212 and his new Hyper 622. The new Hyper 212 includes MF120 Halo2 fans for improved performance and an updated look. The new Hyper 622 is equipped with a heatsink with 6 heat pipes and 2 MF120 Halo2 fans.

The launch of the MasterLiquid Atmos and MasterLiquid Sub Zero EVO also expands the range of liquid cooling. Not much is known about the first one, but it is said to offer improved fans and a new pump cover design. The new MasterLiquid Sub Zero Evo is a better version of the non-Evo model with improved his TEC cooling technology combined with Intel’s Cryo Cooling technology for 12th and 13th generation processors. The pump has been redesigned with a new water block top cover, large copper base and ARGB compatible top cover. Additionally, the cooler comes with a Mobius 120 fan.

Finally, there’s the Cryo Phone Cooler from Cooler Master. Designed to keep your phone cool while gaming, this cooler uses ThermoElectric Cooling (TEC) plates to cool your mobile device quickly and efficiently. It also features a thermometer and display, allowing you to control the phone’s temperature and app integration to customize the cooler’s behavior.


Cooler Master has revealed a lot this week, and all of these products will be available in the coming weeks and months.

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