The Intel Core i9-13900KS is now available for €799 in the Netherlands.


Intel Core i9-13900KS already on sale in Europe

It’s important to note that yesterday’s list did not include official Intel product images. In this case, we have a real photo of the Core i9-13900KS “Special Edition” to make sure it’s not a placeholder. is. This is the first consumer desktop CPU to offer such frequencies by default.

Intel i9-13900KS CPU Pricing, Source: Megekko


The CPU is really advertised at €799, which is significantly less than the French pricing of €950. More importantly, it costs €124 more than the Core i9-13900K and €144 more than the KF model at the same shop. This is significant because the same CPUs may be found for less elsewhere, but it is also worth considering that the Netherlands has a 21% VAT.

Intel 13th Gen Core i9 CPU Pricing, Source: Megekko


Needless to say, this is a very high price, but it is in line with previous KS Special Edition releases. Some may question whether this price is reasonable, given that some motherboards already include “6 GHz” settings for Core i9-13900K CPUs. However, no warranty will be void in this case.

The Core i9-13900KS is scheduled to be released on January 12th, but this store has the CPU in stock and can ship it tomorrow.

Source: Megekko 

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