MSI introduces the Spatium M570 Pro, its first PCIe Gen5 SSD with a read speed of 12 GB/s.


MSI’s next-generation NVMe 2.0 SSD storage supports read speeds of up to 12 GB/s.
MSI will display its first consumer PCIe Gen5 storage at CES 2023.

Today, Tom’s Hardware visited the MSI booth, where the new SSD storage was on display. This is the first time the company has displayed its new Spatium M570 SSD series, which now includes PCIe Gen5 support.

MSI Spatium M570 & M570 Pro, Source: Tom’s Hardware

MSI is working on two SSDs: the Spatium M570 and the M570 Pro, with the latter being faster. The Pro model is based on Micron 232-layer NAND chips and employs Phison’s most recent M26 controller. The non-Pro has the same controller, but the memory is TLC-based. MSI is displaying both SSDs, each with a unique heatsink design. Officially, the M570 Pro should have a write read speed of 12GB/s and a write speed of 10GB/s. The non-Pro should be “capped” at 10 GB/s.

MSI is demonstrating the M570 Pro at CES, demonstrating its 12324 MB/s read speed and 11814 MB/s write speed. Crystal Disk Mark 2TB version was used to measure the speed. The test system included a Ryzen 9 7950X processor and an MSI X670E Carbon motherboard. The storage was also demonstrated using the latest Raider GE78HX system with 13th Gen Core HX CPU. The read speed was similar (12301 MB/s), but the write speed was lower at 8972 MB/s.

MSI Spatium M570 & M570 Pro, Source: Tom’s Hardware

According to MSI, both drives will be available in 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB capacities and will be available in Q2 2023. Unfortunately, MSI does not provide pricing information.

Source: Tom’s Hardware


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