By using Google, Bing, and other search engines, you could be downloading the incorrect AMD drivers.


Finding the right driver for their computer hardware, whether a graphics driver for the most recent AMD or NVIDIA GPUs or hunting for drivers for AMD and Intel processors, can be difficult for both new and experienced users. Unfortunately, when you search on Google, Bing, and other search engines, you will see sponsored links above the search results. As a result, many people have been tricked into downloading dangerous and false software that masquerades as beneficial drivers.

This kind of cautionary tale is hardly brand-new. It’s not difficult to make a phoney website that appears just like the real one for the firm you’re trying to find (in this example, AMD’s website). The exaggerated thumbnail for this article, which was done to illustrate a point, can even confuse someone who has dyslexia or other vision-related issues. When we open an email informing us that several hundred dollars have been taken from our ACME bank account or use our search engine to obtain the software we require, we feel secure.

The discussion by user “FuzzyCard121” on the PC Master Race Reddit three days ago is what started the most current AMD driver issues. The user sent a screenshot of a Google website search, which we’ll use as an illustration below:

The results when I performed the exact search were different. I was sent to the proper help webpage. I’ve included outcomes from both Microsoft Bing and Google Chrome:

My SafeSearch settings are set to “Moderate” on Microsoft Bing, and they were the same on Google Chrome (for this case). A part of the problem might develop when users disable SafeSearch settings, which is exactly how this screenshot was created. This happens when users want all links in a search to appear.

How can you safeguard yourself? There are many methods for securing your online identity. One method for ensuring your online safety is to instal an extension on your browser called ad-blocking software. Installing a virus protection programme, such as Norton Antivirus, will provide you peace of mind as you browse the internet safely and is another security measure you can take. The used search engine can also be changed by users. Instead of using Google and Bing, you might want to choose DuckDuckGo or Startpage, two search engines with web search integrations that simply display the results and do away with many of the banner ads at the top of the page. Finally, you can use another browser entirely, such Firefox or Brave, to name a couple.

The most crucial thing to keep in mind is to thoughtfully and carefully configure each option. This kind of circumstance is not new, as was said in the beginning of the post, but it has gotten worse over time. Users must continue to learn the best practises for web browsing. Keep a folder for instruction manuals in case you want to find the company’s official website for your goods. The official website’s URL can be found there. Keep an electronic journal on the many websites of the businesses whose products you utilise.

Additionally, there have been instances recently where MSI Afterburner copies that have been infected with malware have floated online and ranked highly on major search engines.

No affiliate links were used; this material was prepared purely for educational purposes. Users should use this article to learn what to watch for and how to stay safe online.

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