For a brief period, the Intel Arc A770 16GB GPU in Germany is available for €355.

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The 16GB Limited Edition graphics card from Intel is 15% less expensive.

There haven’t been many discounts on Intel Arc A7 GPUs, for sure. These cards were introduced two months ago, and their price has been very high ever since. Two Arc A770 variants were released by Intel; the 16GB model cost $349 in the US and €419 in the EU.

Currently, a German store selling cards on eBay is advertising the card for €395 (or equivalent currency). Given that we can readily find it offered at €379 elsewhere, that’s hardly a terrific value. However, this vendor is providing a 10% discount via a coupon, bringing the cost down to only €355. At the time this article was written, there was no 16GB GPU with the most recent architecture at this price.

Unfortunately, this deal is only available to German customers, but shipping is free. Although using a mail proxy service is definitely a possibility, we do not recommend it. Please also note that the Intel software bundle is not included in this offer (which has been extended till end of January).

However, a 2-month-old GPU with such a reduction, now 15% cheaper than MSRP at launch, is welcome to see.

Source: eBay


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