SMU Fix For Core-Disabling AGESA Firmware Is Released By AMD; New BIOS Is Offered By MSI


Changing Your AM5 Motherboard’s BIOS Firmware To AGESA Cores won’t be disabled as long as AMD issues are resolved.

The latest AGESA BIOS software for AM5 products was released last week by motherboard manufacturers MSI, ASRock, Gigabyte, and ASUS. It provided improved support for Ryzen 7000 Non-X and first support for Ryzen 7000 X3D CPUs.

A critical bug that disabled a CCD on a few Ryzen 5 7600(X) CPUs with dual CCD layouts forced MSI, ASRock, and ASUS to roll back the BIOS just a few days after it was released. Even though we are aware that some Ryzen 5 7600 chips had a disabled CCD, for some reason, the older SMU on the AGESA Firmware version disabled the cores on the CCD that was functioning, requiring users to roll back in order to access all of the cores.

Now, according to chi11eddog, AMD has released a remedy in its most recent SMU version, known as “84.79.210.” The 12-core Ryzen 9 7900 series processors are also fixed in the new version, in addition to the boot problem with Ryzen 5 7600 CPUs. When installing the updated AGESA BIOS firmware for your AMD X670 or B650 AM5 motherboard, users won’t experience the “Downcore” bug anymore.

A snapshot of the AMD AGESA BIOS SMU can be found below:

MSI has reuploaded the most recent firmware for their motherboards now that the BIOS has been repaired. On the MSI website, you can find the BIOS updates under the Support area of the product pages for your Socket AM5 motherboard.


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