Additional Optimizations Are Made For AMD DRM-Next Radeon Graphics Hardware In Linux 6.3


As part of the support for DRM-Next, continued support was added to the AMDGPU and AMDKFD code work. The new pull request will be included in the Linux 6.3 kernel’s AMD Radeon graphics driver. Following the fixes that were sent in by AMD’s Mario Limonciello, Alex Deucher of AMD filed the updated request last Friday.

The note left outlining the sectional modifications to the AMDGPU, AMDKFD, and Radeon code for Linux 6.3 is shown below:

More fresh content for 6.3.

The Git repository at tags/amd-drm-next-6.3-2023-01-13 allows you to fetch changes up to commit 0c2dece8fb541ab07b68c3312a1065fa9c927a81: drm/amdkfd: Page aligned memory reserve size (2023-01-11 16:41:03 -0500)

The changes to the firmware will force the request handling to process it more quickly during the driver setup phase, according to Linux researcher and Phoronix Editor Michael Larabel. It is hoped that it will activate before the AMD Radeon graphics hardware’s missing IP blocks cause the system to lose the BIOS console. By providing support in advance, this should improve Linux’s handling of next-generation AMD graphics devices and improve the user experience.


  • Correct any potential segfaults in failure cases.
  • Change FW requests to occur in early init for all IPs so that, in the event that FW is missing, we don’t lose the sbios console.
  • A PSR fix
  • various cleanups
  • Remove fix
  • fixing SMU13


  • Fix cleanup if GPUVM construction is unsuccessful Fix for cleared VRAM BOs
  • Fix for memory accounting
  • Use resource size instead of opening it in coding.
  • mGPU fix for GC11


  • fix the shutdown memory leak

In order to improve the firmware handling, further fixes and optimizations were included to the forty-five code patches. The AMD Radeon RX 7000 series graphics cards and specific problems with the AMDKFD driver will be helped by “SMU13 fixes,” according to Larabel.

At some point in the middle of the following month, Linux 6.3 will open the merging window, and the advancements made for DRM-Next will be included to future development for the Direct Rendering Manager.

Sources: PhoronixLinux 6.3 kernel

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