MSI Upgrades the GeForce RTX 4090 With the SUPRIM X Classic Version.


The SUPRIM X Classic from MSI is a GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card that features the original SUPRIM cooling.


Reusing its older coolers with newer GPUs is a clever idea from MSI. The business appears to be providing the RTX 4090 card in a form that uses the first-generation SUPRIM cooling. The company has already launched the Radeon RX 7900 Gaming Trio Classic cards, which make use of the earlier Trio coolers. In Chinese, MSI lists both cards here:

The MSI GeForce RTX 4090 SUPRIM X Classic is just as large as before, with a cooler that weighs 2.4kg as opposed to the new model’s 2.16kg and is wider at 7.8cm as opposed to 7.1cm. The Torx Fan 2.0 and Tri Frozr 2S designs were used in the earlier variants of the SUPRIM X cooler, whereas the Torx Fan 4.0 and Tri Frozr 3S designs are utilised in the more recent models. We have utilised both cards, the new and old SUPRIM X variations, and we are aware that aside from certain aesthetic modifications and the construction of the heatsink, there aren’t many differences between both models.

Regarding the specifications, MSI keeps the same boost clocks of 2640 MHz because both SUPRIM X heatsinks are highly powerful, but the TDP has not yet been determined. It is likely to stay the same, with a 530W maximum power limit and a single 16-pin connector for delivery.

Both cards come equipped with a dual BIOS switch and a full-length backplate with a 3.8-slot layout. While maintaining the same cool temperatures and low noise levels that we have grown to love with MSI’s SUPRIM X series of graphics cards, MSI may now offer better prices on its Classic GeForce RTX 4090 variants, making SUPRIM X look like an even better value when compared to ASUS’s ROG STRIX lineup.


Sources: Harukaze5719wccftech


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