On the Z790 AORUS Tachyon, Gigabyte Achieves A Staggering DDR5-11136 Memory OC, Over 11 Gb/s Speeds


Since Gigabyte just achieved OC speeds of over 11,000 Mbps, extreme overclockers are truly getting the most out of DDR5 memory.

On the Intel Z790 platform, the competition to achieve the highest memory overclock is still going strong. With the previous record that was established on the ASUS ROG Z790 APEX motherboard, we thought we had seen it all, but it appears that Gigabyte’s in-house overclocker, HiCookie from Taiwan, had some tricks up his sleeve.

The well-known overclocker used a motherboard called the Z790 AORUS Tachyon, which has a dual-DIMM configuration and is intended for extremely high memory and CPU overclocks. The motherboard was equipped with an Intel Core i9-13900K Raptor Lake processor, but the memory—which included two of Gigabyte’s own AORUS DDR5-8333 modules with the particular serial number “ARS32G83D5″—was the most crucial component. These are some of the top memory kits that are available.

The overclocker employed LN2 cooling to push one DDR5 memory module to DDR5-11136 in order to accomplish this particular DDR5 memory overclock (5567.5 Effective clocks). The raw bandwidth here is over 11 Gb/s, and the CAS timings were set at 64-127-127-127-127-2. There is no information on whether the stock voltage was utilised or whether the memory was slightly pushed up. The latter seems more likely, but either way, this is a significant victory for the Gigabyte team. Here are links to the CPU-z validator and the HWBOT validation, as well as a snapshot of the CPU-z validator, respectively:

With these severe overclocking results, it appears that we will reach the maximum DDR5-12600 speeds for the DDR5 standard very soon. Even in the consumer market, one can purchase DDR5 memory kits with up to 8000/9000 Mbps transfer speeds, but they are expensive and will ultimately become more affordable as the standard develops and becomes widely used, which should happen rather soon given AMD’s and Intel’s most recent push.

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