The PCIe Gen 5.0 NVMe SSD with Active Cooling from CFD Gaming has a loud fan that spins at up to 21,000 RPM.


The first SSD that offer PCIe Gen 5.0 standards is released by CFD Gaming, and you have to hear it to believe it.

Images of the CFD Gaming PCIe Gen 5.0 NVMe SSD operating on an ASRock Z790 Steel Legend WIFI motherboard with an Intel Core i7-13700K CPU were uploaded by well-known Twitter leaker @momomo_us.

A video of the SSD operating at incredibly fast speeds and making a loud noise was posted on Twitter. Due to the quantity of heat generated by the new PCIe Gen 5.0 SSDs, we are seeing several vendors ship the drives with active cooling added. As shown in the example below, the fan’s level of noise was not anticipated.

Video of Fan (new window)

Users should keep in mind that the sound would only be audible during file transfers and would not be continuous. But for certain customers, that can also be a deal-breaker. Additionally, Momomo US displayed images showing the heatsink in disarray. The fan has a maximum operating speed of 21,000 revolutions per minute (RPM), a maximum sound pressure level of 21.5 dBa, and a maximum voltage of 5V.

CrystalDiskMark 8.0.4 Shizuku Edition, an open-source drive benchmarking programme from the business Crystal Dew World based on Microsoft’s Diskspd tool, was used to test the performance of the CFD Gaming PCIe Gen 5.0 NVMe SSD. The programme runs read/write operations throughout the whole filesystem, producing random and sequential results.


The new CFD 2TB NVMe SSD performs in the test at read/write rates of over 10 GB/s sequentially, as promised by the manufacturer. Only available in Japanese markets, the new CFD Gaming M.2 SSD PCIe Gen 5.0 SSD costs 49,980, or around $350. The company will offer users 1TB and 4TB variants later this year, although the release date and cost have not yet been announced.

Source: @momomo_us (Twitter)


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