Geekbench reveals a 24-core Intel Xeon W7-2495X processor that is less powerful than the Core i9-13900K


Geekbench debuts the first Intel Sapphire Rapids-WS CPU

The Xeon W7-2495X processor has now been verified by a benchmark entry, one week before its formal debut. This processor’s configuration includes up to 24 and 48 threads, making it the flagship model of the forthcoming Xeon W-2400 series. It’s important to note that Intel is also working on the Xeon W-3400 series, which has up to 56 cores but is anticipated to be released later.

Although we already know it should be up to 4.8 GHz, the W7-base 2495X’s frequency is 2.5 GHz and its boost speed is 4.6 GHz, according to the results page (according to leaked specs slides). The CPU did not clock higher during the Geekbench V5 Compute test, though.

What is known is that a Lenovo system with the codename 30G9CTO1WW and 128GB of DDR5 memory was used to test the W7-2495X. Although the identity of the motherboard is uncertain, it is likely to belong to the forthcoming W790 series.

Intel Xeon W7-2495X Geekbench specs, Source: Geekbench

This CPU earned 1497 points in a single-core Geekbench test, while the majority of contemporary desktop CPUs may already exceed 2000 points. Additionally, the W7-2495X scored just 24685 on the multi-core test. The Core i9-13900K, however, receives 2215 and 25267 points, respectively, and is actually slower.

Intel Xeon W7-2495X Geekbench V5 score, Source: Geekbench

The fact that 2495X ultimately outperforms AMD Threadripper Pro 5965WX is the sole encouraging development. This Zen3 processor has comparable 24-core specifications. These findings show that both have comparable single-core performance, however the multi-core test shows that Xeon is 12% faster.

On February 15, Intel is expected to launch its Xeon Workstation Sapphire Rapids CPUs, although formal evaluations won’t be available until February 22. Intel has not officially announced the launch date, although it should be in the middle of March.


Source: Geekbench, BenchLeaks


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