At the LinusTechTips YouTube channel, AMD Ultimate Tech Upgrade will replace Intel Extreme Tech Upgrade


Due to the sponsor’s withdrawal, Linus Media Group will stop producing Intel Extreme Upgrade videos.

The conclusion of the wildly successful Intel Extreme Upgrade series was announced by Linus Sebastian. For this kind of content, Intel will no longer work with Linus Tech Tips. The proprietor acknowledged AMD’s intention to take over the genre by launching its own “Ultimate Tech Upgrade” series, which will begin soon.

Each LTT employee received a budget of $5,000 USD under the Intel Extreme Upgrade programme to purchase a new PC. Eventually, this budget encompassed other hardware and goods that were only tangentially related to PC gaming, but it provided each person a chance to express themselves and become known to the expanding LTT audience.

Up to 24 videos that Intel and Linus created together had 87 million views in total. According to Linus, this sponsorship has been ongoing for the past two years and has been largely successful for all sides.

Intel Extreme Tech Upgrade, Source: Linus Tech Tips

AMD may propose that its Ryzen CPUs and Radeon GPUs be utilised exclusively for the Ultimate Tech Upgrade, unlike Intel, which does not yet provide high-end GPUs. However, the specifics of the agreement were not yet made public.

Although LTT has never disclosed how much Intel paid for the content, the upgrading expenditure alone brought in $120,000, not counting the sponsorship contract and ad revenue.

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