Thousands of Arc A7 GPUs are being sent to Europe by Intel.


Arc A750 is becoming less expensive in the UK, and France has hundreds of cards available.

Retailers have quite quickly lowered their prices in response to Intel’s announcement of a price reduction for the A750 GPU. Now, the A750 is available for as little as $249 in the US, €259 in the EU, and £249 in the UK. For US customers, prices have been fairly consistent, but EU and UK clients might not always be so fortunate.

The mid-range A750 Limited Edition GPU from OverclockersUK is now available to gamers in the UK for for £249.95. This card can be purchased for that amount everywhere in the nation. The RTX 3050 is now available for £299 through the same store, but the A750 GPU is supposed to compete with it, so that should give you an idea of how good of a deal this is.

UK gamers can now purchase OverclockersUK’s mid-range A750 Limited Edition GPU for for £249.95. It is the country’s lowest price for this card. Simply pointing out that the RTX 3050 is now retailing for £299 through the same retailer and that the A750 GPU is meant to compete with the RTX 3060 would demonstrate how reasonable this price is.

Intel Arc A750 Limited Edition, Source: OCUK

We checked the prices and found a huge supply of these cards from the French store PC21. There are 1233 cards (which are just A750 and only Limited, or reference edition) available for new buyers.

Regrettably, this retailer’s price (€277.70) is not the cheapest. But, this demonstrates that Intel has started sending out a lot of A7 GPUs to European shops.

Intel Arc A7 Limited Edition GPUs, Source:

decent cost but no bundle

Intel has updated its software and game bundle since the beginning of this month. The Call of Duty: MW2 game was once included in this promotion; it has since been replaced by titles like Nightingale and The Settlers. According to Intel, there is currently $493.96 worth of software total, including programmes like Topaz Gigapixel AI.

We were unable to locate any UK retailers participating in this revised promotion, which is unfortunate. It could still be worthwhile to speak with shops directly because that would undoubtedly improve this offer.

Source: Overclock3D


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