NVIDIA maintains the top spot in PC GPU shipments, which fell by 38% in Q4 2022. AMD and Intel held 9% of the market.


Despite Intel & NVIDIA Maintain Fewer Than 10% of Shipments, NVIDIA Leads In The PC dGPU Market Share

The global PC GPU market, which includes all types of graphics processing units, reached 64.2 million units in Q4 2022, but decreased by -35% (Yearly) and -15.4%. This is according to a JPR report (Sequentially). These losses can be linked to a number of factors, including inflation and the rising cost of Computer components, both of which have an impact on customers worldwide.

Brief summaries

  • The GPU’s overall attach rate to PCs for the quarter was 118%, up 3% from the prior quarter.
  • This attach rate covers discrete and integrated GPUs, desktops, laptops, and workstations.
  • From one quarter to the next, and from one year to the next, the market for PC CPUs as a whole fell by -17.4% and 35.3%, respectively.
  • Compared to the previous quarter, the number of desktop graphics add-in boards (AIBs) with discrete GPUs climbed by 7.8%.
  • Shipments of tablets increased by 18.4% this quarter compared to the previous one.

According to the present trend, between 2022 and 2026, GPU shipments will increase by 0.19%, reaching an installed base of 3.013 billion units. Discrete GPUs are anticipated to hold 32% of the segment’s market share. Desktop GPUs decreased by 24%, while notebook GPUs decreased by 43% in terms of segment-specific share. It is noted that this represents the biggest drop since the high in 2011.

Because a GPU is integrated into a system before the vendors ship the Computer, it has served as a leading indication of the market. The majority of semiconductor vendors are forecasting lower sales for the upcoming quarter, on average by -6.44%. They gave an excessive average guidance of -0.21% for the previous quarter.

“This quarter’s total graphics processor shipments (integrated/embedded and discrete) plummeted an incredible -15.3% from the prior quarter, contributing to a decline in the historical 10-year average rate of 6.8%,” said Jon Peddie, president of JPR. The GPU market is down year over year with a total of 64 million units shipped in the quarter, a decline of -38.5 million units from the same quarter last year.

Through Jon Peddie Analysis

Regarding the overall PC market share, NVIDIA’s shares climbed by 0.68%, AMD’s share increased by 0.4%, and Intel’s share decreased by 1.1%. Within the entire GPU market, Intel continues to hold a 71% market share, followed by NVIDIA with a 17% market share and AMD with a 12% market share. NIDIA maintained its >80% market share despite the discrete GPU market share falling to 13 million units. For the blue team, which has just recently joined the discrete GPU market, a 9% market share in terms of shipments split between Intel and AMD is significant.

JPR also provided statistics on CPU market share in addition to GPU market share. Moreover, the CPU market shrank to 54 million units (84 million units last year). Desktop CPUs made up 37% of the market share, while notebook CPUs made up 63%.


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